Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Getting Set Up...Shipping From Texas

If you've noticed, I've haven't been selling any artwork on my regular blog. Two reasons for this...One, James Parker Art is to feature some of my art, share the art and blogs of other, more talented artists, and to have fun. Two, it is not only quite expensive to ship from Costa Rica, it is often quite risky. And some folks just don't like to buy "out of country". So, I have arranged for my sister to ship next day Priority from Austin. I will soon (around Mid-May) return to the States and attempt a new adventure. I plan to have a "Roving Studio" going from California to Arizona to Austin (my third home) to Lake Charles/Sulphur, Louisiana (my first home), to Mobile, to Orlando (my fourth home) and back to Costa Rica/Panama (my second home).

I don't own any homes. I don't own any property. Nor will I. God didn't supply any deeds with His Creation. So I just mooch. I have family and friends all over that will allow me to stay a few days and long as I behave, pick up after myself, and move on. Friends and relatives are like fish... after three days they can really stink. And there's always the YMCA and a few Missions I know.

But Mooching still takes money, and that's what this site is for. When I get everything set up, PayPal, Etsy, etc. I will start posting and try to sell something. Hopefully, someone will feel sorry for me and buy something. Should be around the first of April.

At 62, you may think I'm crazy to go hopping. You're only as young as you feel. I feel 20. The Father can call me tomorrow, but I live for Him today

Keep ya posted. Strive to be happy. See ya down the road. Your buddy in the rainforest (and soon to be who knows where)



  1. I know you will be successful selling your paintings online - hope your bloggers can suggest what subjects are popular for quick sales.

  2. Good luck James, I'll be checking back to see how you do!

  3. Oh, James, your family must love ya:)

    Oy Vey, another blog!! You are being a pain(lol) But, a loveable one.

    By the way, is your blog title correct? Is it
    Daily Pain Things? Or, Daily Paint Things?

    Your buddy in New York (And soon to be in Florida) *No, I don't do mooching:) Or, I may have to do the mooching!


  4. Another blog James is like adopting another child. Only a few special people can handle, nurture and care for blogs or else they'll fizzle into the sunset. You James are that special guy.

  5. James, I love your wildlife art -- Feed Me is very unique. I found you from Sheila's blog.

    Here's hoping you have great success.

  6. James, Yea ..........when are you coming to San Diego. I can't put you up my place is too small but would love to paint with you. Maybe we could have a get together with Sheila, Edward, Irit anyone else in the area ! Hey I thought you were retired ???

  7. Happy "hopping" James.
    Mother Nature will feed you.

  8. You are so funny, and one of a kind.