Friday, May 29, 2009


I love to paint animals...especially dogs. There seems to be a sparkle of humanity and compassion in the expressions of many dogs that I've known and loved. I started painting pet portraits a while back, and am beginning to discover that some folks would rather have a portrait of their pup more than a portrait of their kids or grandkids. I specialize in dogs, but I will paint whatever pet you have needing his portrait done (I painted a boy and his iguana for a client in Costa Rica...the iguana was easy, the boy, a bit more difficult).

Prices are $60 for a 5x7 and $75 for an 8x10...acrylic on artboard. If there is additional or extensive artwork required, that fee may be higher. I would need a crisp jpeg image and a $20 deposit. The above prices include shipping to all the U.S. and a $5 donation to my local animal rescue service. Contact me at for further details.


"Lola Lou"








"I wanted to go, too"


  1. Beautiful portaits, James. I can "feel" their emotions, which to me, is what a good portait should do.

  2. P.S. It's early for me, so, which "Poochtraits" should we click to get portrait info?

  3. Hi Mr James Parker
    No one can paint like you! Your paintings come to life- just like they were living. You add so much feeling. Look at those eyes, look at those expressions! Even the wooden floors and grass is beautiful. You are such a good artist!